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dianne carmela antiporda dimabuyo, business major and part-time computer operator, was born in manila, philippines on the 22nd of october, 1980. she currently lives in washington, usa, and enjoys reading, watching tv, and talking... sometimes more than what's good for her.. XD she speaks tagalog, ilonggo, and english, and has studied some japanese, some spanish, and some french. if asked, she describes herself as oxymoronic, but kiersey just calls her an entp|estp. she loves watching karekano (along with many others).. and is currently waaay into guu and ryvius. she loves reading manga by yazawa ai, nakamura yoshiki, and saitou rin among others. she listens to any type of music and will watch filipino, japanese, or chinese drama...

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her online presence is marked by her domain and is also known as di, didi, diana, dina, diane (french), cara (spanish), chiaki (japanese), phoebe, pheebs, cbphoebe (yahoo!), kansilay (yahoo!), lilasia (in most accounts), lilpnai (in ebay), beldaran (irc), asia martinez, stella rodriguez, etc.... ^^; she supposedly resembles miyazawa yukino and shibahime tsubasa. ^^; the wired often takes her into the thoughts of ami, angemon, artifex, bean bandit, cha, emmbee, flagman, furubachan, khursten, kiryogi, koneko, liddokun, mcmurray, melz, misao, mitzi, nayla, nekoban, nobrandhero, oliver, rence, sigel phoenix, ursako, and venkarel (whether they know it or not XD).

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Saturday, January 25, 2003     10:27 p.m.
leaving pitas

i am now permanently going to be using movable type... click here to get to the new blog if you don't get auto-refreshed...

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Monday, January 20, 2003     04:29 p.m.

word plays fun? click on the topic link for one in japanese.... i dunno.. i thought it was kinda funny... reminded me of some of the jokes we used to tell in school... for example...

teacher: what letter is this? (points to the letter 'M' on the chart)
student: ma'am, that's the letter "m". "ma me mi mo mu."
teacher: very good, now use that in a sentence.
student: oh that's easy. "ma mi! me mu mo!"

ok.. you'll probably only get that if you speak tagalog, but what the hey.. ("mami! me mumo!"... "mommy! may mumo!"... "mom! there's a ghost!"...) >_>;;

anywayz.. haven't blogged in a while, yada yada... either have too much or too little to say.. but now is not a good time.. unless you want to listen to me talk about how much i suck today... which, i realize, is not a good attitude... but right now is not a very good time... =_= i was in a good mood, dropped down to annoyance, and was just about getting back on track, when things kinda turned towards the stale.. so.. meh. talk later.

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